Cricklewood Station Clean up

Posted on 21 May 2016

A terrific effort at the Station Clean Up on 21st May 2016.   

Alistair had the foresight to get the battons up the day before so that it was quick and easy to get the screening in place in the time available to us.

The Co-Op in Cricklewood Lane are a joy.  They turned up with refreshments and helped dig.  Thank you to B&Q too for the donation of some suppleis to undertake the project.
Childs Hill SNT team came and painted over the graffiti in the bridge tunnel and so many people kept having photo ops with them. 
Network Rail removed the barbed wire on top of the concrete posts and all the graffiti was removed and they were so helpful.

Diana from the ticket office came in on her day off and helped as did James the station maanger who was so impressed with all the effort We are asking Govia Thameslink for funding to pay for a water butt, Christmas tree, lighting, etc. LEt's see how we get on!

We planted a great selection of plants which had been donated and hopefully enough people will join our efforts in keeping them watered etc.

A few people wanted to know when we are doing our next project so will try and harness them into getting together as a group to look after the plants and tidy up the other side of the bridge.  Our job isn't finished, we still have Alistair's Cricklewood sign to go up  and Clem is doing window art for the boarded up window, a new cigarette butt ashtray ordered.