Help make our brown triangle green

Posted on 5 December 2015

The aim of the project is to to tidy up the edge, reduce bark spill onto pavement and create a manageable strip of planting and colour.  Trying to disrupt the membrane as little as possible, or re-lay it where possible.  This done by laying approx 20 treated timber 'sleepers' (not real, new softwood) some stacked as land drops toward bridge.

Thursday 10 Dec
Start a bit of prep digging around the edge  and take delivery of approx 20 x treated timber 'sleepers'.  Any help welcome.
Friday  11 Dec
Position sleepers along edge, set back a bit, round to wonky box. Some stacked. 
All secured by driving a steel peg through them into the ground.
The soil is back filed behind them, maybe some new soil added.

Saturday 12 Dec morning9.30 - 11.30 am
Bulbs and some ground cover & bedding planted along new retaining edge in session.  We have hundreds and hundreds of bulbs to plant.